What people are saying about Triple Paste AF

Dermatologists and Consumers love Triple Paste AF because it works. But don’t take our word for it – read what they have to say.

  • “I began to see a big improvement”

    “I had a fungus between several toes on both feet for almost a year. I tried most of the usual fungus products with little or no success. Finally, I went to my dermatologist thinking she would prescribe an oral medication – she didn’t. Instead she gave me a sample of Triple Paste AF. I began to see big improvement. What a product! It stays where I put it and stays the entire day.” Richard G. Montgomery, AL
  • “Very pleased with the healing capabilities”

    “I was somewhat skeptical when my dermatologist recommended the AF Triple Paste; however once I started the application, I was very pleased with the relief and healing capabilities.” David C. Atlanta, GA
  • “The foot began the healing process”

    “Our dermatologist introduced us to Triple Paste AF to heal an athlete’s foot problem within the arch of the foot. In days the foot began the healing process. Other products did not work as fast and offered temporary healing.” Bob Y. Las Vegas, NV